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Is hypnobirthing for me?

In a word - yes! Hypnobirthing is for everyone; any type of birth, any number of pregnancy - anyone! Hypnobirthing is logical and evidence-based, and provides with you a wealth of information and techniques towards a positive and confident birth.


Which areas do you cover?

I teach in person in Surrey, where I'm based, but also teach online via Zoom for anyone who is further afield or prefers this option.


When should I start classes?

I tend to recommend around 20 weeks of pregnancy, so that you can make the most of the antenatal and hypnobirthing information you'll get from the class. If you'd prefer earlier or later than 20 weeks, that's fine. I've taught couples who are earlier in to their pregnancy and others who are nearing 40 weeks!


I'm doing NCT, can I do this course too?

Absolutely - you can do as many or as little classes as you like, it's really your choice. NCT and others can sit nicely alongside hypnobirthing as the two compliment each other in certain areas.


Should my birth partner do the course with me?

If they're able to and you'd like them there, I'd encourage it, so that they get the most from the classes too and are better able to support you. That said, if they don't that's absolutely fine - information can be relayed and they'll still be able to support and advocate for you.


When do you run the group and private classes?

On a day and time that suits you! That's the beauty of it. We can work out a plan between us that suits both our diaries. 

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