Group hypnobirthing course


It's a great way to prepare for the birth of your baby and meet other couples who're expecting too - plus get your fill of tea, coffee, cake and biscuits; win/win!

Every couple will receive a copy of The Hypnobirthing Book and the Birthing Matters Parent Handbook, and the course covers:

Session 1

- Introduction to hypnobirthing and hypnosis

- How the mind works

- The importance of language

- Physiology of the birthing body

- Hormones of labour and birth

- Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the role in birth

- Breathing techniques

- Visualisations

- Anchors

- Birth preparation

- Positions for birth

- Physical aspects of pregnancy

Session 2

- Decision making (B.R.A.I.N)

- Roles and the maternity system

- Induction of labour

- Natural methods of induction

- The importance of the birth partner

- Where to give birth

- Pain relief options

- First stage of labour

- Second stage of labour

- Third stage of labour

- Your birth proposal

- The importance of practice

Upcoming group course dates

There are currently no upcoming group course dates. HOWEVER...

*** Would you like to book a group course for you and a group of friends, who are all pregnant at the same time?! ***

I run private group classes in the comfort of your own home! 

Get in touch with me for further details and we can arrange your private course together!