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Hypnobirthing - so what is it?

What it ISN'T is stage hypnosis; there are no swinging pocket watches here. People only have to hear 'hypno' to start picturing people being put in to a trance, but that's far from the truth. 

The 'hypno' part refers to a state that we actually slip in to quite often in our day to day lives; that deep relaxation we feel when we day dream, or perform a task we've done thousands of times over and not realising we've actually done it because it's second nature to us. It's our subconscious kicking in in these instances, something that we all possess and that hypnobirthing taps in to in order to make that powerful mind and body connection.

So what hypnobirthing actually is, is a full antenatal education that prepares you for birth by learning about the process and how your body (and your baby) is naturally equipped for birth. Alongside the science behind birth, hypnobirthing uses relaxation techniques that help support your body when it's in labour.


Hypnobirthing is for any type and place of birth; it's not just for drug-free home water births (a common misconception!). It's about having a positive birth experience and being able to make informed choices about your birth.


Benefits of hypnobirthing

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Those giving birth
  • The confidence to ask questions and make informed decisions for you and your baby 

  • A comfortable, calm birth

  • Increased chance of a shorter labour

  • Feeling in control and part of the decision-making process

  • Decreased chance of intervention or the need for pain relief 

  • Learn to trust your body and your baby

  • A calm, gentle birth

  • Less chance of injury at birth 

  • Likely to be alert and calm 

  • A key and important role at the birth

  • Understanding of the physiology of birth and how to support their partner

  • Strengthened relationship between them and their partner

  • Feeling calm and confident in themselves

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